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INDIA TECTON is a long-term photo project, a book by Deutscher Kunstverlag was published in 2022: INDIA TECTON – Architectural Expressions in India.

latest exhibition:

INDIA TECTON – Architectural Expressions in India

Goethe Institute Bangalore in cooperation with:
Museum of Art and Photography (M.A.P.) Bengaluru:
13. bis 27 Mai 2023
workshop at the M.A.P.: 15. – 19. Mai 2023

In the fall of 2025, the Richard Haizmann Museum in Schleswig-Holstein will show the exhibition.

India is not only the land of exuberant Hindu architecture, it is a subcontinent in which a large number of cultures clash together and have found their respective aesthetic expression. Ornament and aesthetics are obviously important elements of representation and self-assurance in the formation of religions, cultures or new social strata. In India, you can locate quite surprising dicoveriess: both amoung the early Buddhist sacral architecture and in the mogul architecture, forms of modernity have emerged - centuries before the establishment of European modernity. This in turn had and has a great influence on the secular buildings in India in the 20th and 21st centuries. All modern styles are reflected especially in residential and commercial buildings of the big cities, from Art Deco to concrete brutalism.

INDIA TECTON shows insights into this diversity. The view is a special one, the outer boundaries of a building are a rare topic. The approach is more about essential or surprising details and connections. Some of the photographs seem almost like modern art due to a strong focus: very abstract, although the architecture photographed is partly already very old.

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